Roy is a Chartered Loss Adjuster by profession. Born in Fremantle Western Australia and his involvement in the Insurance Industry has allowed him to travel throughout the state of Western Australia where he has become involved in many complex insurance claims sometimes involving fatalities. His work has
required him to photograph many scenes involving damage, stress, and disaster.

Roy’s passion for photography started when he was given a box brownie camera by his mother when he was 10 years old. He has taken his photography to another level and has won many awards.

A hands-on person having his own darkroom well before the digital age of photography. Roy personally
handprints all his images on his large format Epson printer.

Roy’s passion for photography has taken him around the world visiting all continents from 66° north in
Alta Norway where he has photographed the spectacular northern lights, to the Antarctic where he has photographed the world’s most isolated Holy Trinity Church, a small Russian Orthodox Church on King George Island near Bellingshausen Station, a Russian research station in Antarctica.

Throughout his travels, Roy has developed a deep connection with the outdoors and a fascination with
the beauty of nature. This love for the environment and the natural world is reflected in his work, which
captures the stunning landscape of the world in all its glory.

His experiences travelling and capturing the world through his lens has provided him with a unique
perspective on the beauty of our planet and he enjoys sharing these experiences with others through his